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Frequently Asked Questions

People always ask what items do we consign and sell in our children's consignment store. Here is a list but if you still aren't sure, just call us and ask!

Clothing ( Preemie, Infant, Toddler, Child, Youth and Tween Size) * Shoes * Maternity Clothes * Toys * Games* Movies/CDs * Books * Strollers * Swings * Bath Tubs * Bouncy Seats * Bassinets * Walkers * High Chairs * Activity Mats * Infant Carriers * Booster Seats * Car Seats * Crib Mattresses * Pack-N-Plays * Travel Swings * Back Pack Carriers * Diaper Bags * Cloth Diapers * Shopping Cart Covers * ANYTHING TO DO WITH CHILDREN! :)

We are located in Colorado Springs at The Citadel.

(3rd floor just outside of JCPenny's)

1. How does it work?

It's simple. You wash/clean items and bring them in ready to hang (this helps us get them on the floor to sell much quicker). We open an account for you in our computer and hang/tag all of your items with YOUR individual bar code. Each time someone checks out and pays for one of your items, 45% of the sales price goes on your account and is available for you to spend in our Colorado Springs store.

2. Does my store credit expire?

Absolutely NOT. If you don't see what you like when you visit (which is unlikely because we are a HUGE store), your store credit remains until you use it and does not expire.

3. Can I use my store credit towards a lay-a-way?


4. Why should I consign my items for store credit rather than a "cash payout" or for "$ on the spot?"

At first, trading your items for cash or consigning them at a store that pays at a certain time of the month may seem like a better deal. We understand that this may be what you need. However, consider this:

a) those stores have a higher overhead BECAUSE they pay cash out so they will give you less per item than we can. You get a higher percent with us than other stores. When you consign many pieces, this REALLY adds up over time.

b) Secondly, not only do you receive more value for each item when you accept store credit, but we are able to re-sell your items at a lower price which means your items will ACTUALLY sell! It does you no good to receive consignment payments if the store prices your items so high that they don't sell and they are either returned to you or forfeit to the store. Our goal is to help you sell your items - after all, that is how we make our money as well!

c) so, because you receive a higher % of the selling price and because our prices are mor reasonable than other stores, when you shop with us, you get even more value for your items. And since we have the LARGEST inventory than any other consignment store, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

5. Is it safe to buy "gently used" baby equipment?

Absolutely, we check all of our baby equipment for recalls before it is placed on the floor to sell!! Check our Safety page for more information and, if you still have concerns, don't hesitate to ask our staff any questions you may have. We are ALWAYS happy to help!

6. Do I have to make an appoitment?

No appointment is necessary. You will drop your items off, sign the contract and we will do the rest. We will look through your items at a later date and keep what we think we can resell. Items we don't think we can sell, we will donate those items for you.

7. What if my things don't sell? Do I lose them?

YES, if things have been on the floor for 120 days and haven't sold, your unsold items will forfeit to the store. This allows us to move merchandise(cheap) that has been in the store a long time. I do fill-a-bag sales and other big sales to move these items. 

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to call an associate and ask! We appreciate your business and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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