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At WeeCycle, Inc., we put safety first in all aspects of our business!

According to CPSC, CSPIA and NARTS standards, we ensure that all of our products meet or exceed mandatory and voluntary safety standards. We ensure our staff remains knowledgeable about child safety, and is committed to providing a safe environment in which to shop, as well as to buy.

We evaluate all used and new products on our shelves by staying informed about recalled or retrofitted items and ensuring all meet current safety standards. Any recalled product is immediately pulled from the store shelf.

Our staff members are knowledgeable about child safety and are committed to providing a safe environment to shop, and safe products to buy. The following are links to the websites of our safety partners for you to visit for additional information.

We are located in Colorado Springs at The Citadel.

(3rd floor just outside of JCPenny's)

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